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UK: Woman Jailed For Pouring Hot Water On ‘Love Rival’

A woman who poured boiling water over her friend and recorded the attack on her mobile phone has been jailed for three years.

Princess Owusu Ansah, 18, also stabbed her victim in the leg in revenge over cheating allegations involving her boyfriend.

The harrowing video clip which went viral on Snapchat, showed the victim cowering under a duvet as she screams in pain when Owusu Ansah takes a kettle of boiling water and throws it over her.

Seconds before launching the attack, Owusu Ansah is heard accusing the other woman of sleeping with ‘people’s man’ and accusing her of ‘thinking she can get away with it’.

After delivering a series of punches, she grabs a silver knife and bangs it on the radiator before stabbing her victim in the leg. The attack occurred on February 2 at the victim’s home on the Dog Kennel Estate in Dulwich, south London, who eventually managed to escape and fled into the street, before being taken to Kings College Hospital for non-life threatening stab wounds.

The Met Police were alerted by a member of the public who had seen the video on Snapchat. Owusu-Ansah, of Royston, admitted grievous bodily harm and criminal damage during an appearance in March at Inner London Crown Court where she was jailed for three years for the horrific attack.