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UK: Black Bank Manager Sue Metropolitan Police For Racial Profiling

Dale Semper, London based black bank manager, who says he was wrongfully targeted by officers, and faced accusations of money laundering, terrorism and trafficking in an investigation which lasted more than two years before being dropped with no apology is suing the met police.

Dale’s life was turned upside down when police stopped him and his wife Denise, accused him of procession of firearms based on ‘intelligence reports’, they then had their home searched as well as his mother’s flat while she was away working in the local NHS hospital.

Nothing was found but cash less than £2000, at that point, firearms charges changed to ‘money laundering’.

Dale was suspended from his Lloyds Bank job as a result of investigation, he was denied access to his bank accounts as well as credit cards. The case against him was subsequently dropped after the family through their lawyer were able to prove their source of income within 24 hours. The crown prosecution service then awarded Dale £10000 to cover his cost.

Eighteen months later, the police arrested Dale again on firearms charges and thirty-five minutes later de-arrested as no firearm was found.

Dale has now taking legal action against the Met police for a formal apology and compensation to cover the over £140 000 legal cost.

In response the Metropolitan Police Service say given the potential legal action it would be inappropriate to comment in detail on the case, however, they say: ‘’We have received a letter before action for potential claims against the MPS including race discrimination, malicious prosecution and negligence.

This matter is being assessed and we will be in correspondence with the claimants’ representatives.


  1. I’m English.
    I have been beaten many times with no charges or apologies.
    I have been wrongfully arrested countless times and finally myself and a black friend were framed for robbery during a scuffle.
    Just get used to it on this island, it happens and won’t stop.

    1. He should careful of the same people in the bank where he works. Someone did not want him to get the position as director. It smells like a perfect framework.

  2. My situation is worse than Dale Semper.
    I listen to Dale his wife and Attorney speak on United Kingdom Media with his Attorney Adams Raul. I’m hoping and praying that you will allow me an opportunity to Interview with you about my family and I ordeal.The former Sheriff Scott Israel said ” Raymond I conducted a thorough investigation and found out that you never committed any crimes. He further stated that everyone who was involved in your case should be arrested “. My name is Raymond L Hicks I grew up in poverty and raised my by my mother there was stabbing, Cutting and my mother was shot by my father. My father served 8 years in prison for shooting his friend for touching my Mom leg. I am a former highly decorated Deputy Sheriff Gold Cross Recipient, Silver Cross Recipient and two times Deputy of the month 1997 and 1999. I spoke out against police brutality, corruption, planting drugs and beating young black offenders to the ground landed me in the federal prison faced with Natural life imprisonment. My situation is 10 times worse than Mr. Colin Kaepernick who I love and respect him for speaking out against police brutality. The Broward Sheriff’s Office never conducted a thorough investigation, they never check to see if I ran FCIC and NCIC nor did they check to see if I was traveling to various states delivering 350 Kilograms of cocaine that was equivalent to 750 million dollars. States I never visit before they had no drugs no money nor any mention of drugs or money it was all fabricated to silence my request for justice. The Sheriff administrators lied again in federal court and advised the court that I was providing confidential department information to my co-defendants. During the trial it was learned that it was actually Deputy Brown who arrested me and not me that is heard during the wiretapped conversation. Please go to Google and type in ^Missing Documents Turn Up in Deputy Lawsuit”. Every Captain, Lieutenant,  Sergeants and Deputies were promoted to a higher rank and still working today. I took my case to trial before a 12 panel jury which consists of 11 whites, one black and one black alternant because I was 110 % innocent. During the course of trial the judge and jury found out that I was working and not traveling to these states. Mr.  Roadruck from Roadruck investigation testified that he spoke with the Human Resources department and they confirmed that I was working. The jury deliberated and came back with a Not Guilty Verdict within 30 minutes. I was arrested two more times by my former department at gun point as they eaglly waited for the right opportunity to take my life. On January 2004, The Broward sheriff deputies stormed my home a second time at gunpoint in front of my kids and said I was shooting at someone in my backyard. My wife and I were in court at the time of the alleged shooting. I took this case before the court and within 10 minutes I was acquitted by the judge. I continued to pray and have faith the God would intervened in my situation.  In March of 2004, I won the highest award in the community the African American Achievers Award for helping twenty five underprivileged kids obtain their GED and also my mother at the age of fifty five who had to harvest in the fields of Georgia. The harassment continue I was arrested a third time at gunpoint in front of my kids for child abuse. The prosecutor conducted a through investigation and threw the case out for NO. PROS.  Please go to Google and type in Ex deputy fight for reinstatement. I wrote a book titled I’m Still Standing that came out on June 26, 2015 and being sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, Walmart online. This book has generated a 5 stars rating at 100%. I have never been in trouble before. The Internal Affairs must give me a Garrity Statement to determine if I committed the crimes but to no avail. Me or my family have never been afforded the opportunity to speak about our ordeal. I’m currently running for Sheriff of Broward County for 2020 to bring Transparency and Accountability to the Sheriff’s office and I’m very Optimistic that things will change in the future if the right person elected Sheriff. I wrote a powerful book title I’m Still Standing by Raymond Hicks. 

     I’m Still Standing


    Raymond L Hicks 

    954 347-3361

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