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UK: Spoof Liz Truss Twitter Account Fooled Swedish PM, Green Party Leader

Just as the new UK Prime Minister Liz Truss arrived N0 10 Downing street, a spoof twitter handle named Liz Trussell was also having a fool’s moment as people, including political leaders confuse her for the real Liz Truss.

Trussell modelled the spoof handle with the Twitter handle @LizTruss the conservative leader who goes by @trussliz) to fool rival party leaders and even the Swedish prime minister before it was exposed as fake but not before sending cheeky replies with somewhat hilarious undertone.

Caroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green Party, one of the opposition party in UK politics thought she had unleashed a stinging attack on the next prime minister when she wrote: “@LizTruss still doesn’t get it – Boris Johnson did *not* get Brexit done, his myriad mistakes over Covid cost countless lives, & he leaves having disgraced his office.

“Meanwhile, she’s {Liz Truss} campaigned as a right wing ideologue & will govern as such – which is a disaster for all of us.”

When another Twitter user chimed in with “and I bet she likes cake”, Ms Trussell was only too happy to confirm the inevitable and wrote: “I love cake.”

A few hours later, it was the Swedish prime minister’s turn to message the wrong Liz. Magdalena Andersson swiftly deleted her post, but not before Ms Trussell expressed a willingness to meet.

She even suggested the Scandinavian leader should bring a delicacy from her home nation, and wrote: “Looking forward to a visit soon! Get the meatballs ready.”