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UK: Outage Over British Journalist’s Nigeria Nazi Tweet

A British self-styled occasional journalist and a pretentious royalist, Christopher Wilson, chose the wrong people to mess about with when he tweeted that “Nigeria’s human rights record is not far short of Nazi Germany’s” in an X post he hurriedly deleted shortly afterwards.

When confronted over his racist post, Wilson cited a 2023 United States Department of States Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour report that mentioned Nigeria, Wilson compared Nigeria to Nazis Germany for successfully hosting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, to Nigeria on a three-day visit to Nigeria to promote his Invictus Games initiative with families of the Nigerian armed forces troops.

The author of ‘A Greater Love: Charles and Camilla’ claimed he only deleted the initial post because it had caused an unanticipated offence. The post had over 130,000 views before it was deleted.

Wilson wrote: “Desperate to show his wife they were still ‘royal’ in the eyes of the world; the Duke of Windsor took Wallis on a tour of Germany in 1937. Nigeria’s human rights record is not far short of Nazi Germany’s.”

Wallis Simpson was an American socialite who later became King Edward VIII’s wife. The United Kingdom monarch’s decision to marry Simpson, a divorcée, caused a constitutional confrontation which led to Edward abdicating the throne in December 1936. He and Simpson became a couple as Duke and Duchess of Windsor. They travelled around and visited Adolf Hitler at his Berghof retreat in Bavaria, Nazi Germany, in October 1937.

His post was directed at Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, who also happen to be an American divorcee.

The post sparked criticism and backlash from Nigerians and netizens.

On, @wukster2, who tweets anonymously, wrote, “How did we become Nazis @TheWislon? You are so triggered by Harry and Meghan that you have resorted to comparing Nigeria to Nazi Germany. Meghan Markle’s power over mediocre white men and women needs to be studied. We need a global conference.”

A tweep, Faith Harvest, who identifies as @harvest_fa77000 on X, wrote, “Desperate? Nah, there is no comparison. Try as they may to liken Meghan to Wallis Simpson, Meghan is no Wallis and Harry is certainly not an abdicated king with sympathies to Hitler, and as far as human rights records, Christopher Wilson needs to read up on his own history!”

On Arise TV’s The Morning Show, journalist, Rufai Oseni, also voiced his criticism.

“These people are racist. This is the height of racism. He’s just so jealous because Harry and Megan came to Nigeria, and they got relevance and it’s in your face it’s going to hurt you to the very end. I hope that this racism eats your bile up and it continues to eat you because we can’t continue this way. How would you relate them to what happened in Nazi Germany?

“The scenarios are different very different. These people came for a worthy cause in Nigeria which is the Invictus game, to be able to support veterans. Harry has built a brand with this Invictus game that goes around the world and has supported a lot of veterans and that’s something worth celebrating but because of the hatred and the bile that you have against this guy just let him be,” Oseni said.