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UK: Nurse Loses Practice License For A Kiss On Pregnant Colleague’s Belly

A male nurse who grabbed a pregnant colleague and kissed her lower stomach has lost his pin and can no longer practice.

Mowbrey Madondile was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault after the incident at the Royal Oldham Hospital in July 2022, but no charges were brought.

However, the incident was also reported to regulator – the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), which brought a disciplinary case against him for misconduct.

An independent panel concluded the complainant was telling the truth and found Madondile’s actions were “sexually motivated”.

The NMC investigation heard the woman entered the staff break room at a time when Mr Madondile was the only other person there. She told police and the NMC that she made “polite conversation” and he asked if she had children.

When she told him she did not but that she was pregnant, Mr Madondile asked twice if he could “kiss my stomach”, to which she “sternly” replied no.

She said she gathered her belongings to leave but as she walked past, he grabbed her right arm and pulled her towards him.

The woman said he then kissed her lower stomach, close to her groin area, leaving her “frozen in shock”.

She said she rushed out of the room and reported it to the nurse in charge of the night shift.

It was also reported to Greater Manchester Police, the NMC and the agency which employed Mr Madondile within days.

She later told the NMC the incident left her feeling “violated”, “vulnerable” and led to her taking time off with stress.

Mr Madondile, who represented himself at the disciplinary hearing, denied it had taken place at all.

He suggested that he had never met the woman, but she could have fabricated the allegation because she was “jealous” of his earnings as an agency nurse.

However, the panel concluded the complainant was a credible witness.

The panel described his behaviour as “a serious failure to adhere to professional and personal boundaries”.

Mr Madondile is now unable to practise nursing in the UK.