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UK: Man Denied Use of Commemorative Coin In Tesco Garage Wins £5k Payout

A commemorative coin collector has won a £5,000 payout from the police after he was arrested for using a £100 commemorative coin to buy fuel.

Brett Chamberlain, 54, was thrown out by staff at the fuel garage who said it wasn’t real money, police later interrogated him but the Trafalgar Square special edition, with 45,000 minted in 2016, is legal tender under a 1971 Act.

Brett was accused of making off without payment after filling his car with £60 of diesel at a Tesco garage in Exeter in July last year, Cops released him under investigation but later sent a letter to say he would not be charged.

Brett decided to take legal action against the Police for interrogating him and attempting to prosecute him for using royal Mint coins.

Tesco said it will not accept commemorative coins as it is not considered to be circulating legal tender.

Devon and Cornwall Police said: “We have taken steps to recognise and rectify the issues raised in this case.”

Brett plans to spend the compensation on collecting more commemorative coins.