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UK: Climate Change Activist New Direct Action Involve Deflating SUV Tyres

A group of climate protestors has taken a direct action against owners of Sport utility vehicles (SUV) by letting the air out of the wheels of 4x4s across the UK.

Known as the Tyre Extinguishers, the group say the luxury vehicles are a climate disaster, cause health problems through air pollution, and make British roads more dangerous.

Under cover of darkness, activists unscrewed the valve caps on tyres, placed a bean or other pulse on the valve and then returned the cap to gently deflate the tyres.

A press release states that members ‘disarmed’ 4x4s in London’s Chelsea, Chiswick, Harley Street, Hampstead Heath, Notting Hill, Belgravia, Clapham, as well as Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Sheffield, Liverpool, and Edinburgh.

The leaderless group’s aim is to make it impossible to own a 4×4 in urban areas across the UK and is planning to target more cars in the future.