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UK: Bristol University Bans Singing of National Anthem At Graduation Ceremony

Bristol university has reportedly axed the National Anthem from graduation ceremonies unless a member of the royal family is physically present at the ceremony as reported by mainly UK right wing media.

A student used to lead a rendition after certificates had been handed out at Bristol University but since last year graduation ceremony ‘’God Save the King’’ has not been sung.

A University of Bristol spokesperson said: “The University routinely updates aspects of its Graduation ceremonies, which included the 2020 decision that the National Anthem would be played when representatives of the Royal Family, such as the Lord-Lieutenant, are in attendance.”

The 147-year-old university was given a Royal Charter in 1909.

Independent investigation by BHR however reveals that, it is indeed a non-story put together to deliberately trigger some section of the population as such tradition was never adopted by Bristol university.

Most reputable media did not even report the story.