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UK: BBC DG Crackdown On Staff Airing Political Views On Social Media

The new BBC Director-General Tim Davie has warned staff not to share their political views on social media in a move to restore the organisation’s neutrality.

In his first speech in the job, Davie warn the corporation’s social media-loving stars to keep their views private. He spoke of a “significant risk” to the BBC’s future as he told staff that if they wished to be “partisan campaigners” they should not work for the broadcaster.

Tim Davie, 53, who became the corporation’s 17th director general on Tuesday, said too many of its audience thought the broadcaster was shaped by a “particular perspective”.

“To be clear, this is not about abandoning democratic values such as championing fair debate or an abhorrence of racism but it is about being free from political bias, guided by the pursuit of truth, not a particular agenda.’’ Davie said.

Tim Davie said he was committed to a publicly funded BBC, but it had to reflect all political views across all of the United Kingdoms and all age groups.

“This is not just an obsession with youth, it is a determination, an obligation to make all parts of the UK feel it is their BBC,” he said.

Davie replaced Tony Hall in the high-profile media job in the 98-year-old public funded British Broadcasting corporation.