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UK: A Near Death Experience Inspires Viral ‘Life Rules’

An impassioned and humorous social media of British man has gone viral, Jonathan Frostick suffered a near-death heart attack; but while his chest was “constrained” and his ears were “popping,” all he could think about was work schedule, like needing to meet with managers or secure funding for upcoming projects.

His wife who found him lying down in the bedroom and a called for help, Doctors were able to revive the 45-year-old but he had a bit of an epiphany while lying in his hospital bed. His priorities had long been out of whack. Frostick vowed to stop spending all his waking hours on Zoom, devote more time to his family and lose over 30 pounds.

The message struck a nerve with the online community on LinkedIn, the professionals online community viewed Frostick’s post millions of times with over 230,000 reactions and 12,000 comments.

Frostick’s points appear to resonate for employees of various industries all over the world, as we mark over a year of exhausting work from home schedules brought on by the Covid pandemic, Frostick said in an interview with Bloomberg News that it was important for him to share this experience with others.

“I owe a responsibility to myself and other people.” “This happened to me, this could happen to you. You need to change that.”

“Whereas before I would finish sensibly anywhere between five and half six, I’d be finding myself there on a Friday at 8 o’clock at night exhausted, thinking I need to prep up something for Monday and I haven’t got time, and I started then to actually work weekends,” he told Bloomberg.

“That’s my responsibility. I think that was probably for me where it was those blurring of boundaries.”

For now, Frostick is resting up from his hospital stay, and getting to spend time with his family, just as he’d hoped.