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TOKYO: Manhunt For Ugandan Athlete Missing After Skipping Covid Test

Tokyo city officials and local police have begun a manhunt of a Ugandan Olympic athlete missing from their hotel after missing a coronavirus test.

The unnamed athlete was said to have been discovered missing when he did not turn up for a COVID test.

The search comes as Japan tries to implement a tight infection control plan to ensure the 32nd Olympic Games can take place safely for participants and the Japanese population.

Tokyo is under a COVID-19 state of emergency with over 1,000 new positive cases being reported every day – the highest numbers in Japan since January.

There has been protests and petitions from locals for the Games to be cancelled and new demonstrations are taking place today with just seven days to go until the opening ceremony.

The president of the Uganda Olympic Committee is said they are working to try and understand what had happened to the missing athlete and would release further details in due course.

The Ugandan delegation had earlier been forced to isolate after one of their party tested positive for coronavirus on arrival in Japan last month.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said: “The IOC has been informed about the situation of one Ugandan athlete. We are in touch with the NOC in order to clarify the situation.”