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SAUDI ARABIA: Kingdom To Launch New Airline Targeting African Market

Saudi Arabia is to establish a new airline based in Riyadh, which will target the African market which aims to enhance tourism and investment ties between the Kingdom and Africa.

The initiative, according to local newspaper has already received the green light from both Saudi regulatory bodies and the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC).

The formation of the airline is part of a broader strategy to reinvigorate a previously operational carrier that was discontinued in 2021 due to financial difficulties. The relaunch is expected to not only restore but also expand the airline’s reach across the continent.

While detailed plans about the launch timing and specific routes are still under wraps, the airline is expected to introduce multiple air transport links. These will connect a range of Saudi cities with several African destinations through both direct and stopover flights, facilitating easier travel and economic exchanges between the regions.

The new airline is still evaluating the commercial opportunity, the size of the investment, the stages of operation, and choosing the trade name, while the airline fleet will include five booking classes, the newspaper revealed.

The focus on Africa reflects Riyadh’s growing interest in strengthening economic partnerships and cultural ties with African countries. The venture will further boost Saudi Arabia’s standing as a global aviation hub while supporting its economic diversification efforts away from oil dependence, in line with Vision 2030.