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Roger Federer Voice Is First Celebrity Voice On Waze App

Recently retired Tennis champ Roger Federer is back on a long virtual tour as the first celebrity voice on Waze navigation App.

Federer’s voice will be the voice companion on Waze giving directions in a choice of three languages French, German and English making sure you get from one location to the next with ease.

“When you choose the Roger Federer experience, you’re not just driving with the legend, you’re also on his team,” Waze said.

“Driving around town with a navigator and playing doubles both require accurate timing and trusting your partner’s lead,” Federer said. “Together with Waze, I will do my best to make proper adjustments if you miss your turn and make sure my partners on the road get to their destinations as quickly and as safely as possible.”

Judging by the responses to Waze’s tweet, Federer fans are more than excited to be guided by that famous, lightly accented voice — perfect for a European road trip.