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ROBINHOOD: GameStop Investors Donate Gains To Help Sick Children

Amid the ongoing drama surrounding GameStop/Wall Street saga, one of the investors who benefited from it has decided to put the earnings to a noble cause – helping sick children.

The investor, who wished to remain anonymous, delivered 10 Nintendo switch consoles purchased from GameStop locations around the Dallas-Fort Worth area to Medical City Children’s Hospital last Thursday where they’ll be available for children to play while recovering from illness

Speaking about the donation, the anonymous donor said they made “a good amount through r/WallStreetBets on this hilarious GME trade” and wanted to give back “in a way that was equally hilarious.”

They hope their actions will inspire others who are making money off of the GameStop situation to turn it into a force for good and give back to their own communities. The investor said his efforts were made possible by GME gains.

Another investor has reportedly donated six Nintendo Switches, along with games and accessories to another children’s hospital in Minnesota.