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NIGERIA: Lagos Governor Sanwo-Olu Admits Mistakes Were Made ‘On All Angles’

Days after the collapse of a high-rise building under construction in Lagos, Nigeria, the body count of victims continue to mount as government of the state lamented the non-existence of a manifest of workers and others that were on site.

Rescuers are still looking for survivors four days after the building came crashing down with no clue on exactly how many people were buried under the rubble.

However, by the fifth day, rescue operation as well as the crowd around the site has dwindled as family members of victims expresses their frustration at the rescue effort. They accuse the authorities of being too slow to respond and don’t seem to be looking for survivors.

Local news media reported on day four that the body of the contractor Femi Osibona of Fourscore Homes was pulled out of the wreck putting paid to earlier report that he survived the accident.

The governor of Lagos state Babajide Sanwo-Olu says rescue operation is ongoing and that an independent panel whose findings will be publish in 30 days has been set up to investigate the cause of the collapse.

Lack of enforcement of building regulations, as well as the use of cheap materials and inexperienced workers has been attributed to the collapse and loss of lives.

There has been no definitive number of dead or injured.