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Ademola Adekunle (PhD, LLM)

Should there be a change to new anthem, so be it if process is right.  States, towns even a school can have own anthem.

Governance however is about prioritising big decisions.

You can sum governance in Nigeria when Kogi Governor Ododo listed 100 days in office achievement as:

– meeting National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu

– visiting ex-governor’s hometown in Kogi

You can sum governance when Nigeria budgeted 5.5B Naira to educate students/children up and down the country but 90B Naira is budgeted for Hajj where at Jamrat al-Aqabah mosque Saudi Arabia, a few privileged would throw stone at ‘Satan’.

You can sum up governance when Presidency approved 5B Naira to alleviate poverty in a country of 200million people but allocated 28BN for cars for president/first lady. Worse still, Nigeria cannot boast of own place in the auto industry.  Just a consumer nation.

Rather than mere romance with national anthem, dig deep and deliver a constitution of the people by the people for the people. Jobs, education, security, food and health provision among other essentials of life, we currently have a nation where life is miserable for the majority in their millions!

Who in their right mind would manage a family, leaving children out of school but paying 20 times the school fee for excursion in church?

Rather than trade in hypocrisy for crumbles off the table, those who have voice must have the balls to tell the truth! The current approach of treating Nigerians like beggars given crumbs after crying the whole day is inhuman and not working.

Nigerian government should deliver on big decisions that change lives and destiny of the people for good!

Dr Ademola Adekunle is senior lecturer and lead consultant AS Group UK.