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MIRACLE: Pastor’s Life Spared After Gun Pointed @ Him During Service Jams

A video footage showing a 26-year-old man pulled a gun on a preacher during a live-streamed church service Sunday is now a subject of Police investigation.

Police are also investigating after they reported that officers also found a man fatally shot to death in the suspect’s home later that evening.

Pennsylvania State Police say troopers responded to Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church in North Braddock after the suspect enter the church and attempted to shoot the preacher during his sermon.

Troopers identified the suspect as Bernard Junior Polite of North Braddock. “Polite pointed a firearm at the pastor, attempted to shoot, but the firearm failed to discharge,” police wrote in a news release.

“The gun did not go off, but he definitely pulled the trigger,” the preacher, Glenn Germany, said after the incident, “It was a gentleman who randomly did something up the road. Police said he killed his uncle, and the next place he came was the church. He said spirits were telling him to shoot a pastor.”

Immediately, a church congregant runs up behind the armed suspect, tackles him and Germany and another churchgoer help disarm the suspect on the ground.

Germany identified the congregant who tackled the suspect as Clarence McCallister, a 63-year-old deacon who has attended the church for the past nine years.

“Everything is well,” Germany said, his voice raspy as if he had not slept much. “At this point it’s just about being grateful. “

Later that day, at 8:15 p.m., the Allegheny County Police Department reported that officers found a man fatally shot inside the home where Stokes lives.

Police reported the man was pronounced dead at the scene.