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LIBERIA: Life Jail For Ex-chief Justice Over Murder

Liberia’s former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott and three of her family members have been sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of Charlotte Musu, the niece of the former chief justice.

After a five-months trial, the jury in the trial of Liberian former chief justice Gloria Musu-Scott reached its verdict, finding Musu-Scott and three other women guilty of murder. The four were also found guilty of conspiracy and raising a false alarm to law enforcement officers.

In February last year, Charlotte was murdered by unknown people at Ms Scott’s home in Brewerville, north-west Liberia.

The former chief justice who served from 1997 to 3003, had insisted intruders attacked her residence and killed her niece.

Throughout the trial, the accused maintained their innocence and pleaded not guilty to the indictment.

The court said it found the prosecution’s evidence compelling and sentenced the four to life imprisonment. Ms Scott served as Liberia’s chief justice said they would appeal the judgement.

Liberia abolished the death sentence in July last year.