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KENYA: Police Dig Up 47 Bodies on Cult Pastor’s Land in Kenya

Forty-seven bodies have now been found in eastern Kenya on land owned by Paul Makenzie Nthenge, a pastor and alleged cult leader who was arrested last month after telling his followers to starve themselves to death.

Investigators fear that there are many more bodies to be found. “We have not even scratched the surface which gives a clear indication that we are likely to get more bodies by the end of this,” an anonymous source told news outlets.

Police raided Nthenge’s Good News International Church after tip-offs from the public, and found 15 emaciated people who said they were starving themselves in order to meet Jesus—under the pastor’s direction. Four later died.

Local authorities have been digging on Makenzi’s farm since Friday after being told that there were dozens of victims’ graves spread across the property. Nthenge has been arrested twice before, in 2019 and earlier this year, both in connection to the deaths of children.

He was released on bond each time as the cases are still proceeding through the court.