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JOE ROGAN: Spotify Sorry But Won’t Let Him Go

Commercial interest is making it difficult for music streaming platform, Spotify to cut Joe Rogan loose after it came to light that their $100 million golden child has not only been spreading misinformation about vaccines but has also been racist, dishing out the N-word with reckless abandon.

After a total of 113 episodes of Joe Rogan Experience was deleted from Spotify and another apology video, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, addressed Joe Rogan’s past use of racial slurs, telling staff in a memo that while he found the comments “incredibly hurtful” and inconsistent with company values, he did not believe “silencing” the podcaster was the answer.

Spotify signed a deal in 2020 with Rogan to exclusively carry his immensely popular podcast on its platform. The Wall Street Journal reported the deal was worth more than $100 million.

Neil Young was the first recording artist to ask that his music be removed from the platform on January 25. Joni Mitchell followed shortly after and other musicians and podcasters have continued to join the growing boycott.