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GREECE: Dutch Journalist Arrested For Housing Asylum Seeker

A Dutch Freelance Journalist Ingeborg Beugel has been arrested in Greece for sheltering an Afghan asylum seeker.

She faces up to a year in prison if convicted. She says the accusations against her are unjustified, and that the young man she housed should be considered a refugee, not an illegal migrant.

23-year-old Afghan asylum seeker Fridoon, who was being housed by Beugel, was arrested on the Greek island of Hydra on June 13 for being in the country illegally. Ingeborg Beugel was subsequently arrested the same day, after the 61-year old went to the local police station to get Fridoon released.

The two spent the night in a police cell and were then transferred to Piraeus (the Athens metro area), where they were both released on Monday, after Beugel alerted the Dutch embassy.

Beugel is accused of hiding an undocumented migrant based on a 1991 law, enacted to stem the inflow of migrants from Albania in Greece. A small clause in the law — created primarily to criminalize employing undocumented migrant — reportedly states that it is illegal to hide undocumented migrants in one’s home.

Beugel’s case is scheduled for hearing in October.