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GERMANY: Police In Seven Mile Chase Of Tesla On Autopilot

Police in Germany were forced to give a chase recently after a Tesla car driver refused to stop at a checkpoint.

The incident occurred on an Autobahn near Bamberg, Germany, when the police officers attempted to pull the Tesla over for a traffic check.

Police decided to chase the car which was traveling at 110 kilometers an hour as officers attempted to stop the vehicle with repeated horns but with zero success.

After about 15 minutes, the driver eventually woke up and pulled the vehicle to the side of the road. ‘’The 45-year-old driver showed drug-like abnormalities during the incident, along with a “so-called steering wheel weight” in the vehicle’s foot well. The driver had used the weight to trick Tesla’s safety system into believing that his hands were on the wheel.

The driver was subsequently charged with the criminal offense of endangering road traffic and was forced to give up his driver’s license pending a court hearing.

Drivers of private cars in Germany are not legally able to use fully autonomous driving features and must remain in control of their vehicles at all times.

In May last year, German lawmakers announced that they had approved new rules to set down the framework for driverless cars in the future, including allowing the use of driverless shuttle buses.