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FRANCE: Washington Bound United Airlines Flight Cancelled After Pilot Tuned Up Drunk

A United Airlines pilot was arrested after turning up drunk for a flight from Paris to Washington, D.C. last Sunday.

The pilot who was three times over the limit for pilots was noticed by Airport officials as “showing signs of obvious drunkenness” as “he was staggering slightly, his eyes were glassy, and his mouth pasty.” His blood alcohol level was then measured at nearly 0.06, three times the legal pilot limit of 0.02, and the flight was cancelled.

The 63-year-old captain claimed he had only had two glasses of wine the night prior, but following his arrest, a judge called out his version of the story. “There could have been a plane crash, you put 267 passengers at risk,” the judge said at a court hearing. He now faces a six-month suspended sentence, a $5,000 fine, and a one-year suspension of his pilot’s license in the European union.