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DENMARK: Queen Margrethe Admits To Causing Drama In Royal Family

Queen Margrethe of Denmark expressed regret Saturday for the drama she caused in the royal family by stripping four of her grandchildren of their titles.

In a televised address, she said it hurt that her relationship with the children’s father, Prince Joachim, “had run into difficulties.”

“Difficulties and disagreements can arise in any family, including mine,” she said. “The whole country has witnessed this.”

The queen announced in September that the children would no longer be able to use their prince and princess titles, a move the palace said was part of effort to streamline and modernize the royal family.

Margrethe has also said she hoped the decision would allow the children to lead more normal lives. Her son however, did not take kindly to the decision, accusing his mother of punishing the children.

The family is set to move to the U.S. this year.

In her speech, the queen said her family had now had “a quieter period and time for reflection,” and that she was sure they could “embark on the new year together with confidence, understanding and new courage.”