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XCLUSIVE-DELE ALLI: ‘’Time’s Up For Justice Against Criminal Manipulators Of My Nephew’’- Taiwo Alli

Dele Alli may have succeeded in getting ahead of the planned sensational story by some British tabloid about his rehab stint in the US, with his self-indulgently sentimental mental health story in recent interview with Gary Neville.

The interview may have got the 27-year-old footballer sympathy from celebrities and a royal, it has however, not gone down well with his Mum – who he branded an alcoholic and his Nigerian Dad’s family who have not only picked holes in the date and age he claimed he was allegedly abused in his mother’s house.

A spokesman of the Alli family Otunba Kujore Olowu and his son, Storm Olowu, who lived in Milton Keynes while Dele was growing up said Dele was actually in Nigeria at the time he said the alleged sexual abuse took place. He also contented the Dele wasn’t sent to Nigeria for discipline as he claimed.

‘’Dele was not taken to Nigeria as a form of punishment but relocated with his Dad who got a plum job in Nigeria. The same job took his Dad to Canada and later the US, he took his son with him everywhere he goes’’.

Speaking to Black Heritage Radio, Dele’s Dad twin brother Taiwo Ali said’’Dele was never adopted by the Alan Hikford family in Milton Keynes, but rather, his vulnerability was exploited by the Hickford family as a result of his closeness to his mate Harry Hikford who claim to be Dele’s adopted brother and incidentally became his agent as his own football career ended early.’’

Taiwo, who said he wasn’t surprised to hear about Dele’s drug rehabilitation in the US, said ‘’I knew they’ve been messing with his head when he decided out of the blues to drop his family name, who does that with a clear head? The family and Denise Alli and her two grown up daughters will be holding a joint live stream interactive world press conference shortly to update the world on our plans to hold to account everyone involved in the abuse and manipulation of my nephew, a private investigator hired by kehinde over a year ago has come back with his findings and we have been taking legal advice on how to bring the criminal manipulators to justice.