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CANADA: Realtor Caught On Hidden Camera Drinking Client’s Milk While Conducting Viewing

A real estate agent in Canada has been fined $15K after a home surveillance footage captured him drinking milk from a client’s fridge while waiting for a potential buyer’s viewing of the property.

Realtor Michele (Mike) Rose had been waiting for a potential buyer at a client’s home in Kamloops, British Columbia, on July 16, 2022, when the incident happened.

The footage left Lyska Fullerton feeling “utterly speechless, in shock and creeped out.”

“Every part of it was just such an invasion of privacy and such an invasion of our home,” she told the outlet.

Fullerton, who discarded the milk after viewing the alarming footage said “This was unprofessional in so many ways.”

Following a confession by Mike when confronted, Fullerton submitted the footage to the British Columbia Financial Services Authority who described Rose’s actions as “unbecoming” and fined him 20,000 Canadian dollars.

He is also to pay $1,896 in enforcement expenses — with both fines needing to be paid within six months.

Rose called his actions a “very unfortunate, and very uncharacteristic, decision”