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BURUNDI: Nation Demand $43b Reparation From Belgium

Burundi is the latest Africa nation who have found their voice to demand reparation from Belgium and Germany for harm done during decades of colonial rule in the East African nation.

The black Lives Matter movement sweeping the United States and indeed the world appears to have sparked fresh calls for reparations from colonial legacy in Africa.

In 2018, the Burundi Senate appointed a panel including historians and anthropologists to investigate the impact of colonialism in the nation.

Burundi is demanding $43 billion in reparations and have also called on Belgium and Germany to return stolen artifacts between 1899 and 1962.

Referencing Aloys Batungwanayo, a historian and doctoral researcher at the Lausanne University, Senate President Reverien Ndikuriyo told senators in the capital, Gitega, that much of Burundi’s present-day political challenges can be traced back to a decree by Belgian King Albert I to classify the population along three ethnic groups.

“It is this decree that has led to conflicts in Burundi and the region because some of the population was excluded from the ruling class because of the decree.”