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BELARUS: Two UK Diplomats Expelled For Engaging In ‘Destructive’ Activities

Belarus government have expelled two senior British diplomats accused of engaging in activities of a ‘destructive nature’ according to the Belarusian foreign ministry spokesman Anatoly Glaz. 

They were alleged to have been collecting information about anti-government protests in Belarus and the political situation in general.

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the expulsion of Lisa Thumwood and Timothy Wight-Boycott for ‘legitimately observing protests’ was ‘wholly unjustified’.

Tens of thousands have been demonstrating against the re-election of president Alexander Lukashenko in August, an election widely said to have been rigged.

Protesters have been arrested, with widespread claims of torture at detention centres. 

In September, Britain and Canada slapped sanctions on Lukashenko, citing the ‘fraudulent elections’.

Last month Britain joined several eastern European nations in withdrawing its ambassador from strife-torn Belarus.