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50 Cent Sues Miami Plastic Surgeon For Alleged Penis Enlargement Surgery Promo

Rapper 50cent is suing a Florida doctor over allegations she used an innocent photo with the rapper to falsely suggest that he’d had penile enhancement surgery.

In a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court, attorneys for the rapper (real name Curtis Jackson) claimed he’d “graciously agreed” to take the pic with Angela Kogan, only to later discover that the “unscrupulous business owner” had repeatedly used it to promote her Miami plastic surgery practice.

Kogan’s use of the image took a “disturbing turn” last month, Jackson claims, when she allegedly engineered an article on the website that “shockingly” made the “false insinuation” that Jackson had received penile enhancement himself.

“Jackson never had such a sexual enhancement procedure, he has never received plastic surgery from defendants, and he never consented to the commercialization and publication of the Photo,” his lawyers wrote. “Defendants’ actions have exposed Jackson to ridicule, caused substantial damage to his professional and personal reputation, and violated his right to control his name and image.”

Kogan’s attorney, Darren Heitner, in a statement said 50 did receive services from Perfection, and allegedly agreed to take a photo with Kogan which she could post to her business and social media accounts instead of paying.

The statement did not specify which services 50 received at the facility, it says it was NOT for penile enhancement and that 50 was well aware of the social media post Kogan put up, but never had an issue with it until a blog raised the issue years later.