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WHITE WIDOW: British Lady Marries Double Murder Death Row Inmate

A 26-year-old British bride has married a death row inmate in America having told family she was going on holiday in Disneyland.

In a private ceremony, Rebecca Short married double murder convict, 35-year-old Manuel Ovante Jr in Eyman jail, Florence, Arizona where he is on death row for the murders.

The trainee dental nurse found and wrote to Ovante after finding his pen pal ­profile online, they became pen pals before agreeing to marry him. A friend of the bride said “She was always obsessed with watching Netflix documentaries about serial killers in America, but no one thought she’d run off and marry one.”

Mexican-American Ovante shot two men dead after he and pals went to a house looking for drugs in 2008. He was sentenced in 2010 and allowed to leave his cell for the April 14 wedding.

Rebecca brought a layered black wedding cake with red rose icing and the message: “Till death do us part!” 

She posed with her new husband who wore the prison orange jumpsuit and his family.

Eyman jail has 113 inmates on death row where they spend 17 years on average before being executed by lethal injection.