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US-based Nigerian Doctor Kills Self, Wife

A Nigerian U.S based medical doctor, Ben Okigbo and his wife, Theresa have been found dead in their home in Texas.

Texas Police Department Chief, Eric Robins said “One of the kids dialled 911 apparently when he suspected that there was a fight or disturbance going on inside the residence. When police officers arrived the house, they found the couple dead. It appears that it could be a potential murder-suicide, but it has not been totally ruled.”
Police said the couple’s three adult children were also at the scene, with two of them suffering non-life-threatening injuries. Chief Robins said it is a tough situation, especially with Christmas a week away. “When these types of things happen, especially during this time of the year, holiday season with everything else that is going on, we ask people who have crisis in their home to seek out and reach help,” he said.
Okigbo reportedly shot his wife, Theresa who was a nurse before killing himself, he also attempted to kill his 21-year-old sons by strangling them after shooting his wife. The sons survived the attack with injuries that are not life-threatening.