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UK: Woman Jailed After Faking Her Own Death To Get Off Driving Conviction

A woman who faked her own death in a bid to avoid driving convictions has been jailed for eight months in London.

Council worker, Zoe Bernard, 38, was already banned from the roads when she was arrested for driving carelessly while banned and without insurance and failing to stop in November 2020, Southwark Crown Court heard.

Posing as her sister Shanice in phone calls to police between December 15, 2020 and January 27 last year, she said ‘Zoe’ was ‘ill’ then ‘dead’, before applying for a death certificate to try to bolster her lie. 

Southwark Crown Court heard she has a catalogue of previous convictions, including drink-driving, driving while disqualified, battery and assaulting police officers.

she was jailed for eight months for perverting the course of justice.