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UK: Taylor Swift Donates To Food Banks In Various Cities On UK Tour

As it turns out singer Taylor Swift has been making her mark off stage in UK cities where her music tour wrapped up last weekend.

The 14-time Grammy award wrapped up the first UK leg of her Eras tour, after performing a string of shows in Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff and London.

Along the way, she’s been making donations to food banks in every city that she’s performed in, which has already made a huge impact for the recipients.

In Cardiff, the Karma singer donated to the Cardiff Foodbank a gesture its chief executive Rachel Biggs described as the largest the charity has ever received saying, it has now given them “breathing space” to try new things.

“We’re going to buy an articulated lorry full of food and other most-needed items to supplement our emergency food parcels”.

In Liverpool, the St Andrew’s Community Network was the recipient of Taylor’s donations which they stated would help get them through the next 12 months.

“It’s the most incredible gift,” said Rich Jones from the St Andrew’s Community Network in Liverpool. “Because of rising prices, rising need and falling donations, we’ve been having to subsidise our food ourselves for a long while.”

He continued: “But it’s fair to say that Taylor Swift has essentially paid our food bill for 12 months.”

This isn’t the first time on the Eras tour that Swift has given to food banks, with Arizona, Nevada and Tampa being among locations that have benefitted from the singer’s largesse.

In 2015, she gave £32,000 to a fan with cancer, while her 2012 song Ronan – named after a young boy with brain cancer – was written in his memory, with proceeds from the song going towards cancer charities.

She also donated around £86,000 to the LGBTQ+ advocacy group Tennessee Equality Project (TEP) in 2019 and + gave $250,000 (around 197,387) to help fellow singer Kesha at the height of her legal issues back in 2016.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Taylor also helped families who were struggling financially, including two mothers whose rent she paid off.