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UK: Mum Loses Job Over Racist Rant @ Doorman Doing His Job

A woman who was filmed racially abusing a doorman outside a cocktail bar in Halifax has been handed a police caution and sacked from her job.

Mum-of-two Justine Morrison, 51, spent the weekend in police cells after a video of her racist tirade appeared online. The former part-time accountant and a man believed to be her husband, were kicked out of a cocktail bar in Halifax, West Yorkshire after upsetting the other customers.

In the video, she can be seen clapping her hands together in mock applause as she is ejected from the venue, and saying: ‘Oh my god you must be so proud. You’re working on a door.’

A man behind her tells her: ‘Come on, Let’s Go.’

As they turn to leave, she turns to point her finger at the doorman and says: ‘You black man.’ 

As she walks away, she spits the word ‘Black’ at the doorman once again, before adding: ‘That’s why you get a name. Black.’

Ms Morrison has since admitted the offences and accepted a conditional caution, which involves taking part in a restorative justice programme and accepting responsibility for her actions.

According to a social media post, following the incident, the Shine Theatre Arts company where Ms Morrison work as part time accountant, no longer want her service after the incident.

Speaking on the incident, the doorman at the receiving end of the racist abuse named simply as Dally, says he is glad there has been “consequences”.

He said: “In this day and age everyone should be getting on with each other – no matter your race or ethnicity.

“Colour shouldn’t come in to any argument. I’m happy to see she is having to deal with the consequences for her actions.”