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UK: Labour MP Canvas For Votes With Urdu Language Video

That a Labour party UK member of parliament released a campaign video soliciting for votes in the July 4 general elections is not news, what is news however is the fact that the campaign video is was done in Urdu language.

Despite turning off comments on the clip, it did not stop the clip from becoming an instant talking point of social media as people wondered why the use of Urdu – an Indo-Aryan language of people in Pakistan for a UK election.

A user wrote: ‘’The UK – a country where Labour MPs now feel the need to give campaign speeches in Urdu……this isn’t normal, none of this is normal.’’

Emma Webb wrote: ‘’it should be against the law for a British election in any language but English.’’

To which Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu responded:’’what a consciously racist & obtuse thing to say in a multicultural Britain……people arrived Britain with languages which is part of Britain today…..such languages should be represented in British elections.’’

Michael Stanwick wrote: ‘’Actually, the system is more like cultural pluralism are accepted by the prevailing culture provided they are consistent with laws and values already established.’’

Naz Shah is the MP for Bradford west, and she is also the vice chair of All-Party Parliamentary group on British Muslims, which promotes Islamic interests in UK politics.