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UK: Head of Government’s Legal Department Quits Over Threat To Brexit Withdrawal Deal

The head of the British government’s legal department, Jonathan Jones has resigned over suggestions the Prime Minister Boris Johnson is threatening to override the Brexit divorce deal with the European Union.

Reports suggest that Jonathan Jones was leaving his job due to a dispute with Johnson’s office over its reported plans to undercut the Withdrawal Agreement treaty signed in January in relation to the Northern Ireland protocol.

News report yesterday that Britain was considering tinkering with the deal’s special arrangements for Northern Ireland which aim to avoid creating a hard border with the Irish Republic and allow trade to flow while protecting the bloc’s internal market.

Number 10 said in response it was committed to the treaty but that it needed minor clarifications and a backup plan to support the 1998 Northern Ireland peace deal.

Jones, the Treasury lawyer and head of the Government Legal Department, said he was “very unhappy” with the decision to overwrite parts of the Northern Ireland protocol,

Number 10 is yet to publicly react to the resignation.