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UK: Football Supporters’ Association Decries Pricey World Cup Final Expenses

As the 2022 Qatar World Cup takes centre-stage next month, English and Welsh are finding out how expensive following and cheering their teams at the showpiece tournament has become the average fan expected to pay £5000 minimum for the privilege.

The Football Supporters’ Association blasted the Qatar tournament as “the most expensive World Cup ever” after working out the cost of flights and living expenses.

If fans manage to get hold of the cheapest match tickets, they would pay around £1,200 to see their team go all way to the final. Return flights are from £800 to £1,100, while the cheapest accommodation is around £88 a night, adding up to £2,552 if fans go to all matches, from the first England and Wales games on November 21 to the final on December 18.

The option of a cruise is even more pricey as worked out by the Football Association, a cabin for four people on the five-star MSC Europa cruise liner docked in Doha is now £486 per night for a minimum four nights. Suites are £1,900 per night, which adds up to £55,100 for the whole tournament.

The Qatar supreme committee said fans could attend two matches during the group stage for around £1,600, based on a four-night stay from November 23.

A beer will cost fans around £12 in hotels, bars and restaurants in Doha.