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UK: Face Mask Found In McDonalds Chicken Nugget

McDonalds is investigating how a blue surgical face mask end up in a chicken Nugget that a six-year-old girl in Hampshire nearly choked on following a complaint by her Mother.
Maddie was eating a Happy Meal her mother Laura Arber, 32, bought her from the Aldershot, branch of the fast food giant. She managed to get the chicken nugget out of her daughter’s mouth to discover “It was a mask; it was absolutely baked into it”.

Ms Arber told the BBC: “I had to put my finger in her mouth to make her sick and it came up all speckled with blue. “I couldn’t work out what it was but I looked at the box of nuggets and could see something blue sticking out of another one.

“It was a mask, it was absolutely baked into it, it had gone like chewing gum. It was disgusting.

“If I hadn’t been in the room I just don’t know what could have happened.”

The mother of four said she went straight back to the restaurant to speak to the manager who told her the nuggets were not cooked on the premises.

McDonald’s said it is investigating.

Our ‘new normal’ life after Covid-19 has brought along its own challenges, and I’m not referencing the fact that we have to get used to wearing face mask and repeated hand washing.

For starts, no one is considering the environmental cost of properly disposing of face mask that seem to have become a permanent feature now that mask has become compulsory in public spaces.

Hopefully, we will start dealing with them before they wound up in the food chain.