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UGANDA: Iran Accuses West Of Attempt To End Human Race With Promotion Of Homosexuality

President Ebrahim Raisi of the Islamic republic of Iran, has called the promotion of homosexuality by Western countries an attempt to end the nature of human beings by destroying the traditional family.

In his speech he gave during his visit to Uganda, Raisi accused the West of “Having the culture of establishing and forming a family and at the same time the culture of “genuineness” is another common point between Iran and Uganda.

Our countries pay great attention to the issue of establishing families and we believe that it is a fundamental principle. ‘’The West is today trying to promote the idea of homosexuality and of course by homosexuality they are trying to end the generation of human beings and at the same time they are acting against the inherence and the nature of human beings.’’

‘’ I believe that this issue and these strong attacks by the West against the establishment of families and against the culture of our nations is another area of cooperation for Iran and Uganda”.

Uganda recently passed anti-gay legislations to widespread international condemnation.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi arrived in Uganda on Wednesday as part of his three-day Africa tour in the latest diplomatic efforts to connect more with the continent following crippling economic sanctions by the US.