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Uber Driver Arrested For Kidnapping Passenger

An Uber driver has been arrested on kidnapping charges after he allegedly held a female passenger hostage in car.

Kamal Essalak, 47, of Acton, Massachusetts was arrested on an outstanding warrant out of Boston Municipal Court.

Essalak was wanted by Boston police detectives in connection to an incident that occurred on March 18, around 8:30 p.m., in the area of 1139 Commonwealth Avenue.

Investigators say the woman booked a ride through the Uber App that night and she was picked up by Essalak, who “was behaving strangely.” When the unnamed victim asked to be let out, according to the police, Essalek stopped the car but activated the child safety locks so she couldn’t get out.

“As the victim began to scream and bang on the glass in an attempt to draw attention to the unfolding situation, the suspect began to climb into the rear passenger area of the vehicle, laughing periodically.”

“The victim was able to quickly slide around the suspect, into the driver’s seat at which time she was able to unlock the door and exit the vehicle, making her way to safety.”

In a statement, an Uber spokesperson said that Essalak was immediately booted from the Uber app when the company learned of the accusations.

“What’s been reported is horrifying and something no one should have to go through,” the spokesperson said. “As soon as we became aware, we immediately removed this driver’s access to Uber. We appreciate the Police Department’s quick actions that helped lead to an arrest in this case.”