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SWEDEN: First Female Selected Prime Minister Resigns Hours In The Post

The newly-elected Prime Minister of Sweden resigned less than eight hours after being voted in as the first female prime minister.

Magdalena Andersson led a government ruled by a two-party minority coalition but an early fracture in that alliance caused her to step down.

“This morning, I was elected prime minister by parliament to form a coalition government with representatives for the Social Democrats and the Green Party. The Green Party has now announced that they no longer want to be part of the government.”

Sweden’s Green Party quit after parliament rejected the coalition’s finance bill, instead passing another drawn up by three opposition parties.

That left Andersson no option other than to resign.

The Green Party said however that it would support her in any future confirmation vote in parliament.

Meanwhile, opposition parties have not been able to command a majority.

Andersson took over as Prime Minister from Stefan Lofven, as well as leader of the Social Democrats party.

The speaker of parliament will decide the next step in the process of finding a new government, but will most likely put Andersson forward for a new vote in the coming days.

Latest update on the political intrigues in Sweden could however see the Social Democratic Party leader Magdalena Andersson getting a second shot at becoming the country’s first woman prime minister next Monday.