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SOUTH AFRICA: President Ramaphosa Axes Adviser Over Alleged questionable PHD

A member of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Economic Advisory Council Thabi Leoka, who was exposed for allegedly not holding a PhD in economics from a top UK university.

She has also quit her position on the boards of Anglo-American Platinum and MTN SA.

Thabi Leoka’s claim that the London School of Economics (LSE) awarded her PHD, a claim that two investigative journalists rick journalists said they have not been able to find a record of the degree.

On Monday, Ms Leoka was informed about “the immediate termination of her membership in the Presidential Economic Advisory Council”, by presidential spokesman Vincent Magwenya.

Membership of the body “does not require formal vetting”, he said.

In earlier comments to South Africa’s Daily Maverick news site, which had asked for evidence of her qualification, Ms Leoka had said that she had been busy and not had the time to get hold of her degree certificate.

The LSE told the BBC on inquiry about Ms Leoka’s doctorate: “We have checked our files and can find no record of ‘Thabi’ or ‘Bathabile’ Leoka being awarded a PhD from LSE.”

Thabi Leoka changed her name from Bathabile in 2018, and said in a recent radio interview if she has misrepresented her qualifications?”, she responded: “The answer is a straight no.”