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SOUTH AFRICA: Johannesburg Host BRICS Summit

South Africa is hosting members the emerging economic bloc of countries – Brics including China, Russia and India are meeting for a summit in Johannesburg.

The summit will be considering whether to add other countries like Iran and Argentina and other countries who have applied to join the economic bloc.

More than 20 new countries have asked to join what’s emerging as a focal point for frustration with the Western world.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin will be joining via video link owing to what western media described as the threat of international arrest warrant for alleged war crimes in Ukraine. Nonetheless, Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister is at the summit.

Members countries sees Brics as a counterweight to what they perceive as western domination of global institutions but most western media tends to dismiss BRICS as an aimless talking shop.

There will be plenty to talk at the summit about building a new world order, and reshaping the United Nations which enjoys a lot of support from Africa nations.

The attendance of Chinese President Xi Jinping is his first visit to Africa in five years shows China’s commitment to the emerging economic bloc.

The summit concluded with the the welcoming of six new members in January: Iran, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.