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SENEGAL: Faye Appoints Benefactor Sanko Prime Minister

Senegal and Africa’s youngest elected president on his inauguration on Tuesday has appointed his mentor Ousmane Sonko as the prime Minister in the new formed government.

Faye, who was weeks ago sitting in prison alongside his benefactor and popular opposition figure Ousmane Sonko, was released following a political amnesty announced by outgoing President Macky Sall.

Their arrests had sparked months of protests that culminated in Sall unable to extend his term in office. The appointment of Sanko as prime minister actualised their joint campaign slogan “Diomaye is Sonko”.

Speaking after his appointment, Sonko said he would present Faye with a full list of proposed ministerial appointments for his approval.

“There will be no question of leaving him (Faye) alone to assume this heavy responsibility”, Sonko said.

In his first speech as president, Faye also remembered those killed and arrested during the protests and promised to deliver greater sovereignty for Senegal while working to build prosperity.

“I am aware that the results of the elections express a profound desire for systemic change,” he said.

This is the first elected office for Faye, a former tax inspector, his rise reflected widespread frustration among Senegal’s youth with the country’s direction — a common sentiment across Africa, which has the world’s youngest population and a number of leaders widely accused of clinging to power for decades.

Last month’s election tested Senegal’s reputation as a stable democracy in West Africa, a region rocked in recent years by coups and attempted coups.