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RUSSIA INVASION: EU Contradicts UN On Discrimination Of Africans At Ukraine Border

 The United Nations has admitted that some non-European refugees have faced discrimination while trying to flee to safety at Ukraine borders after their experiences were dismissed as lies and “Russian disinformation” by online commentators.

Filippo Grandi, the organisation’s High Commissioner for Refugees, acknowledged their plight during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

However, a delegation of the European Union (EU) to Kenya appears to have contradicted the UN’s position with a denial any reports of discrimination against Africans levelled at member states bordering Ukraine.

“The EU regrets the incorrect and skewed media reporting on this issue that has repeatedly appeared in various Kenyan outlets and social media, and calls for careful verification of the facts.”

“Given that in some cases deliberate disinformation is being spread, the EU Embassies present in Kenya are ready to provide accurate data,” it continued.