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Plastic Surgeon Loses Licence Over Tik Tok Livestream

A famous plastic surgeon known for livestreaming surgical procedure on Tik Tok has had her medical license revoked for allegedly harming patients in the process.

The Ohio state Medical Board voted to permanently revoke the medical license of Dr. Katharine Roxanne Grawe, aka Dr. Roxy who had been twice suspended in November 2022 after which she made her TikTok account private, however, Wednesday’s decision means that she will never be able to practice medicine in Ohio again.

Board members said Grawe focused her attention on her social media followers ahead of her actual patients — leading to life-altering mistakes.

In her videos, the doctor would speak directly to the camera, answering followers’ questions during livestreamed procedures while her patients were on the operating table.

One patient whose cosmetic procedure Grawe broadcast to her more than 800,000 followers needed emergency care a week after surgery when Grawe reportedly perforated her intestine, according to a notice from the medical board delivered when her license was suspended.

The unidentified patient developed bacterial infections in her abdomen and loss of brain function from the amount of toxins in her blood, the notice states.

Two other patients also experienced devastating complications as a result of Grawe’s alleged lack of care, the board members said in the notice.

One patient who had a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction done by Grawe needed multiple surgeries on her stomach following the cosmetic procedures, which caused severe abdominal pain the following day.

Grawe, had also received previous warnings from the board about her social media usage, in 2018, the state board informed her it was concerned about patient privacy and ethics violations regarding her recorded surgeries and in 2021, the board secretary recommended the plastic surgeon take a class about professionalism and ethics in the medical field.

Grawe said she wanted to educate her followers about cosmetic surgery through her videos.