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Pilot Flies Halfway Around The World To Reunite A Doll with 9-year-old Owner

A Texas pilot flew an ‘American Girl’ doll 5,880 miles from Tokyo to Texas, to reunite the doll with the 9-year-old owner Valentina Dominguez who lost it.

James Danen of the America airlines first learned about the 9-year-old’s lost doll through her parents’ Rudy and Celeste Dominguez (parents) Facebook post.

The post also stated when the doll was last seen on their plane in Tokyo, where the family had a stopover while traveling back to their home in Plano, Texas, after a trip to Bali, Indonesia.

Danen, who is based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contacted Turkish Airlines’ lost-and-found at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and located the missing toy.

He then travelled with the doll, named Beatrice, and even took photos of her throughout their journey, which he sent to Valentina.

“It’s my nature. I like helping people… that’s just what I like doing.” “I was really glad I could do something nice for somebody.” Danen said.

On Aug. 21, three weeks after the toy vanished, the pilot – who happens to live just miles from the Dominguez family, drove the doll to their house and handed her to Valentina.

“Was she well behaved on the flight?” the young girl asked. “Very well behaved, yes,” he answered.

He also gifted her some Japanese treats and a map that tracked all the places where Beatrice had been.

Her father Rudy was grateful for Danen’s epic gesture. “I think it’s another sign that there’s a lot of kindness in this world,” he told “GMA.” “I’m really happy that Jim was able to help us and thankful for him.”