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Nigerians React – Ibrahim Gowon’s Defence Of Dad Raised More Questions Than Answered

Nigerians have reacted to the letter written by Ibrahim Gowon, the son of former head of state, General Yakubu Gowon in response to the accusation of looting made by UK MP Tom Tugendhat during the parliamentary debate on proposed sanctions against Nigeria government officials involved in the violent clampdown on #Endsars protesters.

Following our last weekend report on the scratching letter to Tom Tugendhat MP by Ibi in defence of his father against the claim that the ex-Nigerian leader arrived London with half of his country’s central bank after his ouster from office, our various social media platforms were inundated with responses from Nigerians from all works of life.

Many asked what the value of N75, 000 was in 1975 compared to the pound sterling considering the two currencies were almost at par. So if General Yakubu Gowon had 75k to his name in 1975 on his arrival in London, and considering that the value of a decent 3-bedroom house in North London in 1975 was averaging £3000. The family could conveniently get a house mortgage free from the N75k and still have enough to see the former General through his undergraduate study at Warwick University.

This according to most contributors fly in the face of Ibi’s claim of a ‘charity life’ of the first family living off the generosity of friends. Others questioned why a family living off friends end up sending Ibrahim and his sister to a fee paying public school where education was and still free in local authority schools.

While some commended him for standing up for his Dad by firing the letter to the MP demanding he backed up his claim, other concluded that his account of the family’s situation on arrival in London in 1975 did not add up.

‘’The story was obviously polished, but by and large it was a good response to a baseless and ignorant claim by the British MP’’. Concluded a respondent.