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NIGERIA: Fugitive Woman Head Of Prostitution Ring Extradited To Italy

A Nigerian woman who has been ‘wanted’ since 2010 has been extradited from Nigeria to Italy. Jeff Joy had been on the list of 100 most dangerous fugitives accused of leading a criminal ring that illegal transporting of Nigerian girls to Italy, the Netherlands for prostitution.

According to reports, the 48-year-old used violence and threats to keep her victims in line. She was charged for criminal conspiracy, enslavement, trafficking in people, exploitation of prostitution and other offenses and jailed in absentia by the Italian authorities.

The successful extradition was made possible due to the collaboration between both countries, with the Italian Immigration expert providing support to the local police forces.

The extradition marks a unique event in relations between Italy and Nigeria as it was the first case since the extradition treaty came into effect in 2020.

Following her arrest on June 4, 2022 by Nigerian intelligence departments, Italy’s ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Stefano De Leo was informed to commence the extradition process.