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Newlywed Nurse In Wedding Gown Attends To Accident Victim

Rachel Taylor, 22, was on the way home with her new husband following the ceremony when they saw a three vehicle wreck.

The new bride who recently qualified as a nurse helped an accident victim while still wearing her wedding dress.

Her husband, Calvin Taylor, 23, took to Facebook to praise his “rock star” bride for rushing to the scene and said that the incident had left him in no doubt that he had married the right woman.

When the paramedics arrived, Mrs Taylor, who had been comforting the victim for 15 minutes explained what they were doing to her, translating their medical shorthand and reassuring her that she would be fine.

“I just went into nurse mode,” she told Mercury News. “It seemed pretty natural. I was pretty surprised. I’ve always been lacking in confidence about my nursing abilities so it was nice to see that in a situation like that, I knew what to do.”

The dramatic photo Miss Taylor seen kneeling down and comforting the victim have gone viral on social media and she has been dubbed ‘’an Angel’’.